Applications Of Disinfection

We’ve always been there for you during the biggest disasters. Whether you’re dealing with damage from a fire, flood, or storm, we’re always ready to help. Now, our communities are dealing with a different type of disaster. With coronavirus sanitization, we want to help you get through this disaster, too.


What makes this coronavirus so scary? There are a few things that make people nervous. For one thing, it’s very new. Lots of viruses are technically coronaviruses, but COVID-19 has never been seen before in human history. The human body just doesn’t know what to do with it or how to effectively fight it off. For another thing, it’s extremely contagious, and there’s no vaccine for it.

This coronavirus spreads mostly through human contact. However, it can also spread due to contaminated surfaces, and this virus can live on surfaces for a long time. So, while you practice social distancing, you should also have your surfaces fully sanitized to increase your protection.


Why Sanitization Matters

In light of coronavirus, cleaning isn’t enough. You need sanitization. Cleaning gets dirt off of surfaces. Sanitization removes the germs, including the germs that cause coronavirus. At Puro Clean, we use the toughest cleaning solutions for coronavirus sanitization. We destroy viruses

Restoration Team Sanitization

Who provides the deepest sanitization during times of crisis? Restoration teams. That’s right, the teams who remove water from basements and rebuild properties after fires are also the best teams to keep your property completely clean during a pandemic. We’re used to facing the most dangerous germs. We do it on a daily basis. Major disasters bring the worst bacteria and viruses to the surface. We’ve been trained to deal with those germs safely. Many disasters require sanitization during the cleanup process. Now we’re here to make sanitization our focus.

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Who is At Risk?

Who needs our sanitization services the most? At this point, everyone is at risk. The human body doesn’t recognize this virus yet. It spreads fast, and anybody can catch it. That said, coronavirus has a bigger impact on some than others. Those with the biggest risk include:

  • Pregnant women
  • Disabled people
  • Immunocompromised people
  • Elderly people

If your home or building includes any of these demographics, then it’s time to get a sanitization service. The sooner, the better.

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We’ve seen epidemics in the past. The coronavirus is nothing like we’ve seen before. We need to act, and we need to do it fast. Call Puro Clean now. Let us help you stay safe during this pandemic.