Fire Damage


Fire can wipe out your home, your possessions, the whole of your very life within a matter of minutes, leaving behind nothing but scorched, smoking fragments and burned out cinders. Is that a vivid enough picture for you? Even minor fires are more than enough to cause massive damage to any home or business. Home fires mean the risk of injury, destruction of valuable items and heirlooms, while business fires mean loss of production and subsequently profit, all directly related to the amount of time needed for the fire damage to be remediated.

How We Can Help

PuroClean Restoration Experts is your go-to source for the most rapid and thorough response in the wake of a fire. The damage inflicted will only grow worse with the passage of time, and prompt response is necessary to make sure your property is fully restored to its pre-loss condition. As a result, we offer a complete range of services designed to address every aspect of an unexpected blaze, employing the best service providers in the restoration industry and backing them up with top-notch customer support.

Fire Cleanup

Fire can and will destroy most everything it comes into contact with, including walls, ceilings, flooring, carpets, furniture, valuables, clothing, and other items. It can also eat away at the structural integrity of your home, making it unsafe for habitation. Areas that are not directly affected by the flames may still have damage from smoke and soot, and smoldering fumes may be toxic with flame scorched surfaces remaining hot to the touch.

Fire Damage Can Lead To Water Damage

You may also end up with water damage as a result of the fire, simply because water is used to combat flames and the combination of soot and ash with water and foam can create a very messy situation. What’s worse….water gives way to mold, which appears in as little as 48 hours and can make the disaster scene even more dangerous.

Our Service

At PuroClean Restoration Experts, we are available 24/7/365, allowing us to answer your emergency call and be on site within the hour. Your call will be answered by a real person, and we will be able to begin the cleanup and restoration process as rapidly as possible. As we said, rapid response ensures a successful restoration. Our team of qualified, certified, and experienced restoration providers are there to handle any and all problems related to damage from fire, smoke, and soot. We are committed to quality, courteous service, using the latest restoration tools to work on your property and eliminate the threat of future problems as a result. We will get to work promptly, cleaning up and repairing all scorched surfaces and other items, and you will rapidly see the benefit of working with a company that is able to offer a complete range of fire damage restoration services. All of our work is backed by the best in customer service as well as an above industry standard guarantee.

Because of the level of damage that can be inflicted by a fire, you should never trust the repair of your home to just any service provider. Unqualified and inexperienced restoration companies are too numerous to count, and hiring the wrong one can often make a bad situation even worse. You want to entrust your home to no one but the absolute best the industry has to offer.

Expert Professionals

PuroClean Restoration Experts is the leading restoration authority in the Rochester area when it comes to matters of water and fire damage to homes and businesses. We have over a decade of experience handling all types of restoration jobs, offering top quality work and an unwavering attention to detail, all for the best value and pricing to be found anywhere. Our IICRC-certified technicians have the proper training, education, and credentials, and they use only the latest in restoration tools and techniques when it comes to taking proper care of your property. We work hard every day to maintain our status in this highly competitive industry, and we pledge to treat your home as if it were our very own. Call today at (951) 651-0202 or email us at to get your restoration project rolling with a free, no-hassle estimate.