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Water Damage

People often think their water problem is confined to the water actually standing in their home or business. This is a mistake, since water damage has a source, and that source must be identified and properly dispensed with before any meaningful repair work can take place. Sometimes, identifying the source of the problem is easy, like when the local levee breaks and your entire community is overrun by flash flooding. At other times, it may be more problematic, like when you begin to notice swelling and staining on your ceiling or drywall, or when you walk across a carpeted floor and end up with wet socks.

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Our Services

Our water removal techniques range from the basics involving towels and mops, to more involves processes utilizing heavy duty commercial grade pumps designed to eliminate water from major floods. Residual humidity is taken care of through the use of fans, air blowers, and dehumidifiers that dry out the air and return humidity levels to normal.

Our Water Restoration Process

Initial Response

The very first thing we do is send out a qualified team of technicians to your home, fully equipped with the proper tools to being restoration services.

Damage Analysis

Equipped with thermal imaging cameras and moisture meters, our technicians will be able to identify the scope of damage. Water flows with the line of gravity, and there could be many hidden areas of damage.

Water Extraction

Once damage is identified, a restoration plan will be presented to you for approval. With your sign-off, we will get to work. Water Extraction is the most important part of the water restoration process.

Address Unsalvageable Building Materials

Although we work very hard to save your building materials by using advanced drying methods, not all materials can be saved.

Place Equipment

Next we will place dehumidifiers and air movers in the damaged area. A typical timeframe to reach a standard dry level is 2-3 days.

Repair & Replace

One the environment is dry; our team of contractors will rebuild any areas that were unsalvageable. This typically will include carpet or carpet padding that had to be removed, drywall that needed to be ripped out or flooring that was damaged.


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